Jason Dewinetz

SP-25 Ink Drum

Having recently brought to the shop a nearly untouched SP-25, and in the midst of attempting to sort out the electrical nightmare (550V-3-phase), I’ve run into a problem I’m hoping folks around here might be able to help me with. The press was originally bought in the mid-60s, and it sat in a warehouse as …

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SP-25 Manual

I’m looking at buying an SP-25 and so I’m hoping someone out there might have a digital copy of the manual. Please let me know if anyone out there has the manual for this model. Thanks.

Galley Magnets

Does anyone know where to find galley magnets? Here are a couple of photographs of one magnet that I have, which is very handy, and I’d like to get my hands on some more of these. Jason _____________________________ Jason Dewinetz www.greenboathouse.com/dewinetz

Adjusting Ink Roller Height [15-21]

As the process of getting to know the press continues to unfold, I’ve been putting together some notes on various discoveries & lessons learned. This post is concerned with adjusting the height of ink rollers. While these notes may appear overkill for a relatively simple process, some may be as ignorant as I was about …

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