#4 Form Roller frame- how much play?

I’m working (virtually) on a #4 that previously was working great, and all of a sudden there are roller issues. The pins and clutch plate were replaced in January so they don’t seem to be the issue. What seems to be happening is that the entire frame moves side to side with the motion of the oscillator, and when moved towards the operator, the pins are no longer correctly depressed  and the clutch plates chatter. How much play should there be side to side for this frame? Should the ends of the rods sit perfectly against the side frames of the carriage on both sides? I can’t see how they would wear, or how this would get out of adjustment. This frame moves side to side in this press, but not the other #4 in this shop; the frame from the other #4 does not move in either- so something weird is going on. I’ve asked the owner to measure all the rods and see if they are different.

One thing that does need fixing is the top frame, which has a lot of play, but has had for some time and this problem seems to have just cropped up.


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
2 years ago

The tie rods should sit in the carriage without noticeable lateral play. ​If there’s play it could be that the tie rods are bent.

It could also be that the support arms for the inking assembly are splayed. See if the support rollers are further out than on the other No. 4. Holes could be drilled into the arms for a new tie rod to draw them inward.

The top frame may have wear in the tie rods at the holes for the taper pins. This in turn contributes to wear on the holes on the handles for the tie rods.

If there’s play in the riders, the bushings may have slipped but the tie rods also wear at the where the bushings rotate.

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