Does anyone happen to know the specification for the Vandercook #4 power ON light bulb? I’ll use the trial/error method, but I thought I’d ask here.

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  1. I wasn’t fortunate enough to just need to change the bulb. When I rescued my #4, it was missing the fixture altogether. So I had to adapt something. I decided to go for a bit more modern solution and opted for a green LED. I think it looks nice and it’s definitely reversible if I want to restore back to original someday, although I doubt I’ll find the original fixture and red cover.

  2. You can access from the cover plate. On my 4T the power switch is separate from the bulb. However, you have to pull the bulb box out. But first unplug the power cable from the wall, or turn the surge protector off, because a wire may spark while pulling the box out.

  3. Thanks Paul, which part needs to be removed? Are you saying that I need to remove the whole box from the back, underneath the feed board? It appears that I can just remove the plate cover and insert a 6v bulb from the front?

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