adjusting roller height on vandercook 215 proofing press

hello everyone,

i have a 215 ready to print – soon as i figure out how to adjust the height of these rollers. i don’t have a manual, any other press i’d used have knobs at the ends of the rollers but this model doesn’t have anything so obvious. looks like maybe a hex key at each end of the rubber rollers? anyone know?

thank you,


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
14 years ago

Loosen the middle lock screw before turning roller height adjusting screws.
Adjust both screws in tandem, keeping the blocks holding the roller cores parallel to the frame. Failure to so will impede adjustment and may strip screw threads.

The roller adjustment on this press is what I call old style. It’s the same on all models before the Universal series, which Vandercook called “Quick Change.”

The 215 is nearly identical to the No.4 including the roller clutch and gear assembly.

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