Manual for SP-15?

I’ve come across an SP-15 for sale, but it’s in pieces and I’m hoping to find a manual for the model so that I can inventory all of the bits to make sure everything is there. Obviously I’d also like to make sure that I rebuild the press correctly. Does anyone out there happen to have the owner’s manual in PDF format?

Thanks in advance for any help…


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  1. Jason Dewinetz - June 4, 2008

    A helpful poster over at Briar Press supplied me with a link to Boxcar’s website, where they have a PDF of the SP-15 manual. Here it is in case anyone else is ever looking for it:

  2. john christopher - June 4, 2008

    Hi Jason

    I’m currently rebuilding an sp-15 – your best bet is to get a manual from NA Graphics:

    Boxcar have a manual in pdf format but it has less content:

    Unfortunately from your point of view these manuals don’t really cover assembly from a pile of bits; there isn’t a complete inventory for example but they do cover maintenance, spare parts, bearing adjustment etc once your press is back together.

    If you do decide to get the press you will find you gain a greater knowledge of its mechanics as you put it together and I’m sure you will get plenty of advice and encouragement from the vanderblog on the way…

    all the best

    john christopher

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