Cylinder Undercut

Vandercook 320G issues

I’m in the thick of trying to get my Vandercook 320G up and running. This is different than other Vandercooks I’ve printed on for various reasons (it’s completely manual, the metal and rubber rollers are behind the cylinder, etc). I’ve encountered a couple of things so far that I’d love advice with if you have …

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Model 4 packing question

Hi, I have the press basically back together and I’m starting to get things reset so that I can start printing. Some quesitons on how to do a few things: 1. How can I determine the amount of packing needed on the roller [impression cylinder]. 2. inking rollers that are on the oscillating roller group …

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Printing forms over type high

This question comes via email: Q: Is the Vandercook letterpress capable of printing forms larger than type high? I have a woodblock that I’ve carved, and it is about 1/8″ higher than the type. A: It is possible only if you have a press equipped with an adjustable bed (e.g: 219 AB, 15-21, Universal I …

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