Gene Wenderski

Many Vandercook owners remember Gene Wenderski, the last Vandercook trained maintenance person at Vandersons, the predecessor company to NA Graphics. Gene literally disappeared in the summer of 1996 as we were buying NA Graphics and numerous attempts to find him failed. It was a sense of great frustration for me as one of the selling […]

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English-made Hybrid Revisted

Donald Kerr at University of Otago [New Zeeland], informed me of his institution’s Vandercook made by Pre Press Ltd. of London. His photos show a carriage nameplate stating that it is a “No.4”: However, the cabinet and feed board styling (and presumedly the inking system were it present) is that of a “215”: Interested readers […]

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Vandercook Census

I have complied a census of existing Vandercook Presses (listed in the side bar under Pages as “Press Census”: it is independent of NA Graphics’ records, but thanks to Fritz Klinke’s coöperation will soon be augmented by them. Because NA’s records may not indicate the current owner or note manufacturing oddities, and do not include […]

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