3 thoughts on “Challenge 20 KP Rollers

  1. Coby Ellison - December 7, 2010

    Thanks Yvon. Good info. Yes, I’d love to see the brochure too.

    Paul, I will send Census info in a day or so. I just got the press and have been cleaning, scraping and oiling. The original parts blow-up came with the press. I can scan and send. Unfortunately, no roller info etc.

  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - December 7, 2010

    Thanks Yvon. Can you scan the brochure as a PDF? I post it. I would like to make more Challenge info available.

  3. Yvon Lantaigne - December 7, 2010

    Can’t help you with dimensions Coby, but I can tell you that a friend had 15KA rollers recovered by Columbia Rubber Mills, Portland, OR and is very happy with them.

    Durometer 25, but if you insist and have a little time, they may mix a batch of softer Durometer 24 or 23 (nitrile) rubber for you.

    2 form rollers 3″ x 15″, 1 composition roller 2.25″ x 14.75″. I have a brochure telling me the diameters are identical on both the 15 and 20 series, KAs or KPs.

    Good luck.

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