Critical dimensions for SP-15

Hi All,

Could someone please help and let me know the critical dimensions for the SP-15, I have my press arriving in a few weeks and am concerned about logistics of a few poorly positioned stairwells, doors and the like.

I can find the floor area dims here but not those for exact width with crank removed.

Also wonder if gripper foot pedal possible protrudes further than cylinder stub/axel, though I guess I could remove.

Thanks in advance.



2 thoughts on “Critical dimensions for SP-15

  1. Russell Frost - September 28, 2012

    Many thanks for this,
    Making up a cardboard cutout now…..going to be very close!

  2. Ladboyle - September 28, 2012

    The widest point on our SP15 is at the cylinder. With the handle off, its 25.5″ wide. you can save about 1/2″ if you partially disconnect the linkage for the grippers. the foot pedal does not stick out as far as the shaft on the cylinder.

    it weigh 700+ lbs as i understand it, and another 75lbs or so if it has power inking. Others may be able to give you a more exact weight if it matters

    good luck with the move

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