I noticed that the Universal Parts manual shows a “Frisket Frame” unit for a Uni-I.  Is this frisket only for the motorized Uni or would it also work on a manual (hand-cranked) Uni-I ?





2 thoughts on “Question about Frisket Frame for Uni-I”

  1. I don’t know if any power models were sent with this, but it is an alternative to the tower and tapes. I don’t know if any manual models were made with tower and tapes either. It appears to requires mounting holes in the sides of the bed bearers.
    Its intended function is to provide a frame for a frisket to mask away dead matter when proving photoengravings. Photoengravers did not etch away all the blank space in a plate, instead those would be routed after proving. But during proving, a frisket was used to mask off such areas. The frisket material I’ve seen was a kind of tympan with a barrier coating on the back.
    The tower and tapes are still useful to hold a sheet to the cylinder and return it to the feedboard. This frame could be used to provide support to a sagging sheet, but what other use today on a press that has grippers?

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