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Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 months ago

After seeing your video via email. I think that the carriage bearings have been misadjusted so that the cylinder bearers do not contact the bed bearers when in trip mode.
See the attached image showing the original position of the bearing eccentrics

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 9.32.39 AM.png
9 months ago

Working on this press we did get it back to its correct position. However, the cylinder does not hold that adjustment, and randomly rotates independent of the gear rack.

It looks to me that the cylinder gear is not sufficiently engaging the gear rack, and so is allowed to rotate when it should not. It seems that the rack could be shimmed up slightly further to assure the gears stay engaged. 

So my question: Is there any other factor or solution, other than raising the rack? and what is a proper shim for these racks?

I have a video which shows the random rotation but the file is too large to attach here.

Paul Moxon, Moderator

The procedure to correct a misaligned impression cylinder within the carriage is called retiming the cylinder. On the No. 4 and other models with sectional racks, one person can do it. (The part numbers are called out in Sheets 107 and 107-A from the No. 4 manual.):

  • Lift the roller trip lever to disengage the inking assembly.
  • Estimate the number of gear teeth on the impression cylinder to be rotated to position the gripper bar upright at 12 o’clock and the hand crank at 4 o’clock. 
  • Remove the MS-135 Form Roller Rack—magnets help with screw extraction.
  • Remove MS-200 Cylinder Front Rack on each side.
  • Roll the carriage forward until the cylinder gears clear the MS-201 Cylinder Rear Racks.
  • Hold the carriage in place, then rotate the impression cylinder to the number of teeth estimated. 
  • Slide or push the carriage back until the cylinder gears engage the rack. If the cylinder jams, shift the carriage slightly.
  • The position is correct when the gripper bar is at 12 o’clock. 
  • Replace the racks.  
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