No. 4 Trip/Print screws

Hello! Just beginning my Vandercook journey and bringing a recently acquired No. 4 back (I hope!) to working, and I’ve been working on getting the trip/print mechanism to engage properly. The earlier posts on this issue have been incredibly helpful.

I think I’ve narrowed the problem down to the fact that the sheet metal bracket (I can’t find a part # for this piece) surrounding the trip/print assembly isn’t securing well to the press bed above — it appears the small flathead screws on mine were perhaps later additions, and aren’t doing the trick. When I press the handle down to trip, the whole mechanism rocks towards the operator side of the press, so there’s just no leverage overall.

Does anyone know the specific screws that should be used here? I see two of them on the sheet metal bracket (again, sorry I can’t seem to find this part #). Any help would be great!

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 months ago

If the concern is merely shifting the lever into trip. See the image below from my forthcoming book. Note that The MS-67 Fulcrum bar must be parallel against the MS-138 Lift Handle so that the handle stays in place when shifted into “trip.” Tighten with 5/8″ wrench or socket on the nut and a ½” thin wrench on the bolt head. In the absence of a thin wrench, bend the sheet metal to attach the wrench or cut an access hole at the bolt head for a socket.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 months ago

According to the drawing that was shared with me by NA Graphics, the screws for the MS-273 Lift Handle Bracket are ¼-20 × ¾”. The problem is that there is a hex nut on the other side of the sheet metal top that is almost impossible to hold in place when tightening the screws without separating the bed from the cabinet.

A note says that the part number was changed in 1950 to X-6995. The attached photo is of a 1953 No. 4. It shows only one nut on the top of the cabinet above where the Lift Handle Bracket is fastened. The point remains the same, these screws are difficult to tighten.

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