Gripper Assembly for SP-20

The foot pedal/gripper assembly on my recently acquired SP 20 is not functioning properly. The foot pedal seems to engage the gripper mechanism when manipulated by hand, but does not lower and return to its position as it should. Left to its own devices, it sits on the floor (see pic). Also, the rear assembly does not look right. See pic. The gripper lever is supposed to rest on the end of the crank roller shaft (right?), as shown in the manual. I am unable to readjust it to do this. Additionally, it looks as though this shaft is protruding too far for the gripper lever to rest where it is supposed to. Should I try to force the crank roller shaft back in toward the direction of the cabinet (which doesn’t seem like a good thing to do)? If so, how would I go about this. Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Gripper Assembly for SP-20

  1. Eugene Marino III - January 27, 2013

    Thought I would post the “after” pictures. This is how it looks after I followed Paul’s suggestions. Thanks again!

  2. Eugene Marino III - January 21, 2013

    OK, with the help of a friend (and your direction!), I have figured it out! Your advice was spot-on, Paul. The shaft was out of the bearing. I was able to adjust the gripper arm back to position on the end of the shaft once the shaft was returned into its bearing. THANKS!

  3. Eugene Marino III - January 21, 2013

    Hmmm, I’m afraid I do not know what the connector arm or the yoke are or where they are located. Can you please point me in the right direction?
    I have attached more pics; hopefully I have captured what you are referring to.

    Also, if as you say, the shaft has slipped out of its bearing on inside of the cylinder, how/where do I locate that and am I able to access it to repair? How would I replace the shaft to its proper spot on the bearing?

    Thanks again!

  4. Paul Moxon, Moderator - January 20, 2013

    Let’s see a photo of the yoke that connects to the opener arm. It may be that it is projecting out too far. If so, remove the bolt that links the yoke to the opener arm and turn the yoke 180 or 360 degrees clockwise threading it closer to the operator’s side effectively making the horizontal rod shorter.

    The shaft has simply slipped out of its bearing on inside of the cylinder. There should also be a spring on that end. Also, you’ll notice that the gripper lever is off center to the shaft. This is normal on SPs.

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