Hi folks!
I’m hoping that your collective knowledge can help with a Ink Distribution Roller issue.

I have a Challenger 21MP. I’ve restored it and it is in great shape….except for the Ink Distribution Roller. I’m not familiar with the guide mechanism for oscillating the roller. When I opened the roller I found the shaft guide to be quite worn and the guide mechanism missing. My parts manual doesn’t show the details of the roller and shaft so I am stuck with a non-oscillating oscillating roller.

Any Ideas out there of what the guide looks like? The hole for the guide is not threaded and seems larger than that of a Vandy.

Additionally, the shaft is quite worn. Is this going to be a problem?

I have posted pics here
I’d love some help!

Thanks – Brent Done

3 thoughts on “Help with ink distribution roller Challenge 21MP”

  1. Thanks Paul. I appreciate the help. Hopefully some folks will have some info.

    Sorry to have missed you in Tucson. I was out of town but my heart was at your workshop!

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