In need of some side guide parts & info…

I finally have found a side guide for the last of the seven Vandercooks here at The Arm, but it appears to be missing some pieces. I am not very familiar with this style of side guide so can anyone tell me (or show me) what it is that I am missing? I think this comes from a 219, but I will be using it on a Universal III.

Vandercook side guide Vandercook side guide

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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Fritz Klinke
16 years ago

Caught this a little late–the BS-141 is a fairly simple part and I just pulled the blueprint for it, dated 1927. I’ll probably have our machine shop make up some of these as this part comes up missing.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
16 years ago

Mable: you can add links to photos on your site, Flickr page, etc. Complete url, beginning with http:// is needed. You may also email pics to me and I can post.

16 years ago

Sorry, my goof. Didn’t realize I could not attach photos when replying to a post. If you forward me your email address, I can email pics directly to you. -Mable (

16 years ago

Hi Daniel, Here are some photos of the 219 side guide if you still need them for reference. It looks like you are just missing the bottom metal plate which shouldn’t be too difficult to fabricate. Good luck! -Mable

Paul Moxon, Moderator
16 years ago

I think all you need is a washer and nut to clamp it to the underside of the feed table. See this “schematic”:

Gerald Lange has a good photo of this part on his “flickr”:

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