Model 17

This ad from The Inland Printer (October 1918, courtesy of John Horn) shows a Vandercook model 17 Composing Room Cylinder press and a Roller Series press. Note that the company, founded in 1909, is still called Vandercook Press. It was incorporated as Vandercook & Sons later that same year. The street address is for the earliest known business location. (This image is also posted on the “Time Line”: page.)

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Bill Whitley
17 years ago


This ad made me go dig out my (very few) copies of old printing magazines – in the January 20, 1923 issue of “The American Printer”, the advertiser’s index lists “Vandercook Press” as having an ad on page 16 of the (previous) January 5 issue – naturally that is an issue I don’t have – so did they use “The Vandercook Press” and “Vandercook and Sons” concurrently for a while?

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