please, if you have a moment to offer some instruction.

I have a vandercook 320g sitting in a cold barn. I just noticed that it has begun to rust.
What can I do to save it?????

Roxbury, NY

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4 thoughts on “320G beginning to rust”

  1. I would say if it’s not being used and this is off the cuff you should sell it to me. I’m sure Daniel would take the press and care for it also.

  2. Do you intend to use the press in this barn or is it merely being stored? First I would suggest that you treat the rust with something like Evapo-Rust and a Scotchbrite pad. Nothing more abrasive than that should be necessary.
    If you are planning to use it out there you need to oil all exposed surfaces religiously. On your press, don’t forget to oil the bed under the bed plate. This is a place where some serious problems could set in without being noticed.
    If your plan is just to store the press there until you can move it to a more comfortable working environment, then treat the rust as above then coat the gears and machined/exposed metal surfaces with wheel bearing grease. This will need to be scraped off when it moves to its new home, but it should help to protect the press until that is possible. Just don’t wait too long!

    Daniel Morris
    The Arm Letterpress
    Brooklyn, NY

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