No. 4 Jumps

Our No.4 has a inking issue at approx 4 inches into the roll forward. what happens is a slight “jump” is felt and a faint reduction in inking of the plate for approximately 1/64th or smaller. results in a line that appears on the printer piece in the form of a lighter print.

I have cleaned all of the gears to insure no debris in the channels and rollers. I do not feel the “jump” at the end of the table.
Do the guide wheel order the rails need to be riding the top rail or the bottom rail?

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  1. Eric Holub - October 5, 2021

    Sorry, haven’t made these adjustments in years, but a perfectly adjusted carriage will maintain roller position through both print and trip strokes. Wear on the rails will reduce accuracy.
    Carriage must be held down during print stroke, and supported during trip, and when there is a shift between print and trip, it can be mis-adjustment, wear, or both.

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