No. 4 squeak

Our #4 has a squeak that appears to be coming from the ink drum. In attempting to find the source of the squeak, we have noticed the ink drum is VERY close to the operator side of the press(less than an ink knife blade). I did a little careful cleaning with a utility blade and it helped, but the squeak is still prominent when the motor powers down. I have oiled any and all spots that will take oil, including the chain, but to no avail.

Any thoughts?



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Casey McGarr
13 years ago

I once had a squeak on my #4 and oiled everything and the squeak persisted. The I noticed the lever on the rail on the opposite side of the pressman that needs a drop of oil. Bingo the squeak diminished.

Eric Holub
13 years ago

How much of the squeak is caused by rubbing against built-up ink? I’d remove the drip pan under the drum (assuming it is still there) and clean all around and see if the sound doesn’t go away. The pan was held in place by thumbscrews originally (maybe replaced by machine screws now), in the top of the shelf area under the drum, easy removal.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

Sara: The drum position is about the same on most No. 4s. You should be able to slightly loosen the screws in the side of the bed at the drum to push it toward the center. Do let us know if this doesn’t help. These short screws are inside a wood bearing.

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