No. 4 T, difficulty removing collar from form roller core

Hi everyone, I am hoping someone here in the Vanderverse can help. I need to remove the hardware from both form rollers on a No. 4 T (#14205) and both MR-112 collars (and I!) are stuck. The collars could be cemented from grime/grease accumulation. Before using force I wanted to check in with the group.
Each collar has only one spot for a set screw. The hex screw from each collar is removed. The collars are not budging. I got one to shift maybe 2 pts, but that is it. Looking at Barbara Hauser’s –very helpful– photos of her #4 form rollers, it looks like there are two set screws per collar, while mine have only one each. I’ve been assuming that this is just an adjustment to the model, but I am also hesitant to continue gently tapping if there is a hex screw still in place I’m fighting against.
This afternoon I tried soaking the pieces in Liquid Wrench—no movement. It’s been suggested I soak the parts in concentrated Simple Green. That is next on the list. Note: I have already tried gentle tapping with a hammer and wedge-shaped punch drive.
Any suggestions for how next to proceed would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all, Sara L.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago

Sara, you’re on the right track. I’ve never seen MR-112 collars with a single set screw. So, if the second set screw isn’t under the grime they might be hardware store replacements. When you tap them off with a hammer be sure to rotate the core to do it evenly.

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