No. 4 Trip/Print lever

I’m hoping this is a simple question. What part of the trip/print lever on the No. 4 maintains the lever arm in trip? When I depress my lever into trip and the arm moves upward, but it doesn’t stay engaged and immediately falls back down along with the trip wedge (back into print). I’m not sure what to adjust to keep it engaged. Thanks!


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

It may be that the lift arm block *(MS-276) wasn’t in the correct postion when the screw the holds the lift rod was tighten. Retighten in trip mode.
Also, check the pin (MS-170) in the lift arm block that contacts the left handle (MS-138). If thepin is flat rotate it. Or build up iwth tape like we did on the Silver Buckle press at Hamiltion in November.

I have a CM-37 ball knob. Email me.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

This is a common issue with the No. 4 and No.3. It has been addressed here before:

See also page 12 of the third edition of my book.

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