No. 4 Print/Trip Assembly

I just started working with a friend’s No. 4 press. It prints great and seems like a really solid machine. The machinery used to lower the impression cylinder from trip to print during the print stroke then back up to trip for the return to the feed table seems very different compared to the SP …

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Vandercook No. 4 Trip Lever

All of a sudden, the trip lever on our Vandercook 4 will not stay engaged. I didn’t hear anything break, and I can’t see the mechanisms well enough to determine if a spring snapped. Unfortunately, we don’t have a diagram of the trip/print assembly or another model No. 4 to reference.

SP-15 Cylinder Carriage Bearings Issues

I undertook the arduous task of adjusting the 6 cylinder carriage bearings on my SP15, after still experiencing uneven inking and impression with newly recovered rollers. Thanks especially to Gerald’s comprehensive “Adjusting Cylinder Carriage Bearings” article, without which I never would have undertaken the ordeal: Adjusting Cylinder Carriage Bearings … And with Fritz’s recently found …

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