I’m having some trouble printing the front side of a 4bar envelope for wedding invitation reply cards. Even with all the makeready, I still end up with a little impression going through on the backside of the envelope. It’s not that big of a deal, as in the bride never notices, but I do and it drives me nuts, ha! I’ve heard of using a piece of chipboard, but that seem like overkill, plus, can the cylinder handle that? Curious what others who print wedding invitations do…..

2 thoughts on “Printing on the front of an envelope”

  1. The packing I had on there was tympan and a top layer of mylar. Then I had my makeready on top of that (same paper material as the envelope). What I ended up doing was taking out some sheets of tympan, and slipping a piece of 110 Letter into each envelope as it printed. Laborious but it worked. I had 180 of these to print. Next time I ‘ll cover the makeready with tympan, thank you!

  2. Your packing is probably too soft. Consider covering the bits of makeready made from the envelope material with tympan.

    There have been times when I have inserted pieces of aluminum from offset plates in the packing, but this may not work for this situation.

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