Need pic to re-install No. 3 rollers

Hi List– I sent my rollers out to be recovered. They’re back, and I don’t remember how they’re supposed to be re-installed! Yeh, I know… it seemed so obvious at the time.

I saved all the parts I removed, carefully differentiating between rights and lefts. I soaked them in solvent to clean them. But it just isn’t obvious to me how it all goes back. I was hoping for a PHOTO of properly installed rollers.

The scant parts diagrams I have are not very helpful.

thanks for any and ALL help– I have to use this on Sunday, and here it is late Friday afternoon and I’ll be away tomorrow.

Sure would appreciate a hint or three!  ==Marjorie

2 thoughts on “Need pic to re-install No. 3 rollers

  1. Marjorie Wilser - March 23, 2010

    Many thanks, Paul, for your reply AND this site- it’s so very useful for those of us new to flatbed presses of the higher order :) My former Vandercook proof press was the No.1, which had no ink train to assemble. Your comment here is exactly what I was pondering: where those gears go back. As soon as my sleeves arrive from NA Graphics I think I’m in business!

  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - March 20, 2010

    This schematic shows that the rear roller the gear is mounted on the operator’s side while the front roller is mounted on the far side. Note that the form roller gears share the same rack as the cylinder gears.

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