I changed my rollers for my SP15 and I’m finding that the front roller is stiff, it doesn’t move as freely as before. It doesn’t seem to have a problem when it is inking. I didn’t notice this until I went to go and clean up the press.

4 thoughts on “Roller Change – Stiff Front Roller”

  1. Concerning the Collar(X-6705) setting on the roller cores, the Vandercook assembly drawing states “With other end of shaft up against Nyliner on form roller block, set collar (X-6705) with approx. .010″ clearance & lock.” That’s pretty tight–.010″ is about the thickness 110# index or a regular business card. And by lock, they mean tighten the set screw in the collar to the roller core (shaft in Vandercookese).

  2. I might have set the small collar to close to the bearing block. Is there a rule on how close?
    As well I should check out the placement of the nyliners.

  3. It could be that you didn’t clean and oil the existing nyliners—the while plastic sleeves that are placed between the roller ends and the bearing blocks.

    You may also have set the small collar on the core too close to the bearing block.

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