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Amanda Keenan
12 years ago

Hey there.

I just got a huge sheet of cold-rolled 18 gauge steel from the Metal Supermarket. It’s 0.050″ and only cost 20 bucks for a sheet large enough for my 320G! Woo!

good luck


kyle van horn
12 years ago

Mike is right, a sheet-metal fabricator should be able to help you out.

I have gone with an 18 gage stainless steel plate with great success. It’s not exactly .050″, but it’s really really really close (.048), and stainless is higher quality than cold-rolled steel.

Mike Dacey
12 years ago

Any local metal distributor should be able to provide .050 steel plate (and possibly cut to size for you). Otherwise it can be obtained online from McMaster-Carr:

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