SP-15 Trip Spring replacement advice needed

I recently posted about a problem I was having with new form rollers, and was just about to get back to dealing with that yesterday when a broken trip spring stopped me. It’s been awhile since I needed to replace one of these, but I have done so in the past without much issue. One good knock seemed to slip it right in place. This time however, I’m really having trouble getting the new one in (the broken piece came off fairly easily). If the end of the spring is not quite under dowel B (from the manual illustration), I’m unable to hit the loop over dowel A because the end of the spring is hitting dowel B in the middle, not going under it.

If I do get the end of the spring under dowel B to start, then when I hit or press on the loop end, it goes completely under dowel A, rather than snapping over the dowel as it should.

Since the assembly tool is non-existant, what tools would you recommend for this operation, and any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!




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