SP 15

Hello everyone. I bought a Vandercook SP 15, I have no experience in the subject and I would like to know the basic steps to start cleaning and remove rust from the rollers. The machine was not used in the last 10 years and may be missing some small pieces although the car moves and the engine runs. I am from Argentina. Thanks.


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
2 years ago

Removing the carriage is simple, Two people can do it.
Just remove the stops on the end of the press bed.
Set the carriage side plates on blocks in a manner that will not stress the carriage bearings nor the gripper lever on the backside.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
2 years ago


Here’s some advice:

Clear the bed

SAE 20 oil to the eccentric oil holes on both sides of the carriage.
Use a slightly oiled rag to wipe:
– bed bearers (bed rails)
– cylinder bearers (outer bands next to the impression cylinder),
– under rails (surface above the carriage bearings roll)

– Light rust can be removed with WD-40 and a scouring pad (e.g. ScotchBrite)
– Heavy rust can be removed with Evapo-Rust or a similar product
– Pitted or gouged surface can be turned on a lathe.

– rubber diameter should be 2.5 inches
– adjustment knobs are broken X-11954

Oscillator (large metal roller)
– installed on backward (but still functions) worm gear should be on the operator’s side.
– Heavy ink on ends can be scraped or removed with a wire wheel on a bench grinder.
– remove worm gear and shaft from oscillator tube for thorough cleaning.
– Check for broken points on worn and wear on sides of the crescent.
– Add Vaseline or lithium grease to the worm gear after reassembly.

Rider (small metal roller)
– diameter of bronze ends (journals) should be the same size.
– replacements available from NA Graphics and installed by a machinist.

Ink Drum (small metal roller)
– Check the condition of the timing belt, There should be teeth on the underside.

Hand crank(small metal roller)
– Currently at 10 o’clock, should be at 4 o’clock
– need #6 taper pin 2-3/4 inches long
– need 1/2-13 x 1/2 inches set screw

Power cord
– update to grounded plug

Impression cylinder
– Possibly one gear tooth is out of timing. Gripper bar should be a 12 o’clock
– End stops on the bed must be removed and the carriage is held at the end where the cylinder gears clear the gear rack (track on the bed), then rotate the impression cylinder while the carriage is stationary, then push the carriage back onto the rack.

Serial number (on operator’s side bed bearer)
– Please share for the census https://vandercookpress.info/census/

There are likely other issues.

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