6 thoughts on “Vandercook 4 Cylinder Dry Sound. How to oil or fix?

  1. lacyporath - February 25, 2022

    recent video

  2. lacyporath - February 25, 2022

    Thank YOU, Paul!

    I’m wondering if I can adjust the ink drum as it seems to be so darn close to the metal on one side with more space on the other. Is that normal?

    If you think it is in the right spot and just needs a new drum bushing, I will give NA Graphic a call for that part right away.

  3. Paul Moxon, Moderator - February 25, 2022

    Whenever you need Vandercook parts contact NA Graphic first. https://nagraph.com, and if they don’t have it contact me (via the contact form in the menu top right). The Vandercook part number for the ink drum bearings is F-760.

  4. lacyporath - February 24, 2022

    If you know of a better resource to buy from, please link.

    Are you in Michigan by chance? I would love to hire you to teach me how to do maintenance on the whole machine.

  5. Paul Moxon, Moderator - February 24, 2022

    The part is called the ink drum. The sound is probably coming from the drum’s bushings, which rotate on the drum’s shaft. The bushings are wood and may have dried out.*

    Check the balance of the drum with a spirit level. If level, spray penetrating oil on the bushings. To do this:
    1. Unfasten the Drum Box, if present, drum the top shelf of the cabinet.
    2. Support the underside of the drum with phone books and/or stacked cardboard.
    3. Remove the shaft nut and lock screw on one end.
    4. Spray penetrating oil.
    5. Replacement bushings are made of Delrin or Oilite.

    *Original bushings are made of the wood lignum vitae, also called guayacan or guaiacum, a now endangered tree species indigenous to the Caribbean and the northern coast of South America. It was widely used in manufacturing before the development of polymers, alloys, and composite materials.

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