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Ready for my daily SP-20 question? I truly appreciate all the shared knowledge and help I’ve received along the way. Anyway, a few days ago I noticed that I can wiggle the cylinder back and forth with out the cylinder moving down the bed. There is 1/16th to 1/8th of play before the cylinder begins to rotate. Is this normal or indicative of a larger problem? I’ve attached a video of the cylinder wiggle.

Cylinder Wiggle

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  1. Paul Moxon, Moderator - April 2, 2014

    SPs are generally looser, and a bit clunkier, than earlier models such as Universals and the No. 4. The eccentric mechanism is simpler and perhaps under-designed. The ink drum in on springs, which are compressed as the carriage passes over it in either direction adding to the noise.

    Those divots on the bed bearers are the resting places of the carriage bearings. It’s not uncommon in most models; it’s a sign that the press has seen use. This does not effect operation or impression.

    I applaud your thorough investigation. It’s not pristine, but I still believe, with care, it is has many more years ahead. Vandercook & Sons Inc. projected that their presses, with regular use and maintenance, would last about ten years.

    Readers should to know that I recently inspected this press on May’s behalf before she bought it. Caveat emptor is always in force.

  2. maysorum - April 2, 2014

    Paul, you are correct and the press was in trip. The cylinder does not wiggle in print mode.

    I do have another question. There is a lot of difference between trip and print modes in the tightness of the cylinder. In trip it almost seems like the cylinder is self propelled on its way back to the feed board. In print the cylinder is considerably tighter as it travels down the bed. Is there supposed to be that much difference between trip and print?

    Near the feed board it looks like the carriage bearings have made small divots in the cylinder rack bed bearers on both the operator and non-operator sides. I’m not sure if this is a current problem or past problem.

    Once again, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Paul Moxon, Moderator - April 1, 2014

    This is normal in trip mode, because there is daylight between the cylinder bearers and bed bearers. It should not happen in print mode. If the latter is the case, then the carriage bearings are out of alignment. It appears that the carriage is in the middle of the bed and not at the feed board, correct?

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