A Nice Bit of Provenance

morris noteLast weekend I did three workshops for Slugfest Printmaking Workshop in Austin, Texas (a great book arts town). This came about because I facilitated their recent purchase of the SP20 for sale by Henry Morris of Bird & Bull Press. One of the principals, Tom Druecker, showed me Henry’s wonderful note about the press that is shown here. I encourage other press owners to make an effort to record the history of their presses.


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10 years ago

I bought Henry Morris’ SP15. He had all of the paperwork that he was given in 1965 when he bought it new; Manuals, invoices, sales brochures, etc. He also made noted in the manual when he bought and replaced parts including rollers. A great history of the press.

John Henry
10 years ago

That is a great document to track the history of the machine. I have only one press for which I have that kind of provenance as I purchased the press directly from the initial owner. The others have usually changed hands many times or the ownership was never logged as well as Henry Morris has done with his.

John Henry

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