Stuck SP-20 Grippers

I’m rebuilding the gripper assembly on a very dirty SP-20. The pins are jammed in the holes due to the previous owner’s habit of just shooting WD-40 around the pins instead of lubricating them with graphite powder or grease. I’ve tried pulling them out, but they seem glued in there. I don’t think bent pins are the problem, because every pin is affected. Any suggestions?

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Jessica Peterson
14 years ago

Alex’s idea worked wonders. I baked my gripper assembly for 10 minutes at 300, two times, and then tapped with a rubber mallet and the pins came out. The miracle of 2010 so far!

Paul Moxon, Moderator
14 years ago

Read the post “frozen bearings & paper gripper, SP-15” on this fourm, especially, Alex Brook’s second comment:

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