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roller-gaugeA vintage roller setting gauge is being offered on ebay. I do not recommend bidding on it for two reasons:
1) a used gauge will most likely have a flat spot and so is no longer .918″ high and would therefore provide a false reading as to correct roller height;
2) at $39.95 the price is much too high. Boxcar Press and NA Graphics sells new gauges for less. The oldest gauges have a brass label with lettering in relief on a red painted background. They do make nice wall decorations.

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Gerald Lange
10 years ago

Hi Paul

I guess I’d agree that buying a used measuring device on eBay is not a good idea. Have to say though, in some three dozen years of buy used printing equipment, and acquiring an abnormally large number of these, it is rare to see a noticeable flat spot. I assume because the gauges weren’t actually used all that much. Rare to find one with a press in the old days and when they were, they were hidden away in a box of other junk.

A while back a friend and I engaged in the production of a very high precision well-built gauge

and he tested a bunch of those that I had, both of old and new manufacturer. Hate to say it but the old Vandercook et al. gauges were of better manufacturer than contemporary third party stuff; better built, better steel, more precise, by a long shot.


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