Tightening bearing block on SP-15

I have found that the adjustment posts for the form rollers on our SP15 go out of adjustment rather easily of late.  The locking screw is tight, but not tight enough to stop the post from turning.  Do I simply remove the bearing block, remove the locking screw, and ‘gently’ tap the side of the bearing block to slightly close the gap, or is there a better way to tighten it?


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Lad Boyle
12 years ago

I had a similar problem on a SP15 that we recently acquired. My auto mechanic suggested that I use a 3/8″ by 24 die and tap to thoroughly clean the threads on the block and the stud. After doing this the stud turns so freely in the block, I can spin it. Also, I cleaned the slot in the block. Once the slot was clean and the threads clean, the block functions and locks tight as it was designed to do 50 years ago.

lad boyle

Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

I’ve had success just squeezing the end, but I’ll try Eric’s method on a spare block.

Eric Holub
12 years ago

You need to tighten just the inner end of the slot, not the outer end.
I’ve done this by placing feeler gauges at the outer end to fill the space, then carefully hammering above the spot where the slot meets the throat. That directs the force where it is needed. And it will reform the block so that tightening the screw will bear against the threads not the slot.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

It would be better to place the block in a bench vise.

If your lock screws have hex heads replace with socket head caps screws and tighten with a 9/64″ hex wrench.
This will let you tighten them more.

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