Hi Everyone,
I’m looking to add a traveling sheet delivery tray to my Vandercook 4. Is there any specification(s) available that I could use to fabricate with? Or general thoughts on this as I setforth?


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  1. This is great Paul, thank you. The image is a bit low-res and difficult to read. Would you be willing to send me your vector file? I’d like to laster cut a template…

  2. I talked to Fritz yesterday and he says that he has 19 cabinets of drawings and doesn’t know where the drawings are for the Delivery Tray as it was an accessory. Mine has been ‘modified’ by a previous owner and I’d like to re-create the proper connection to the press with my machine shop. Especially where it sits on the lower bar behind the cylinder.

    Would anyone out there be willing to snap some photos of where the tray connects to the press?
    Or be willing to attempt a trace?

    Thanks, Matt

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