Uni I motor has trouble starting

My Uni I’s motor for the ink drum has trouble starting. In the past occasionally when I turned it on, it would not turn and would softly hum, but turning it off and on again would restart it. Now it mostly won’t start turning, though if I manually push on the drum it will start. I think the oil levels are ok, but I am not 100% sure of that. If I need to add more oil, it looks like our motor’s fill plug is horizontal, is that not unusual?



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The Arm
4 years ago

Yes, that is your capacitor. Get it out of there, disconnect the terminals and check the side of it for the specs. You can order a replacement from McMaster Carr that will go in just as that one does. It is a simple job.

The Arm
4 years ago

It sounds like your motor needs a new starter capacitor. It is located inside the bulge on the motor body. Unplug the press and check to see what the specs are. You can get a replacement from McMaster Carr. Be careful not to bridge the contacts when installing or removing- capacitors can zap you even when not plugged in.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
4 years ago

The fill plug is standard.for Universals. The motor issue is most likely electrical. This is a power carriage press, correct? Check the fuses. Check the wiring, make sure that the connections at the switch are tight. You may need an electrician.

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