Uni III Draw Sheets and Packing?

I wrote to NA Graphics earlier today to order some Uni III packing, but have not heard anything. We need something right away, and I’m wondering if anyone can recommend paper that we can use for packing under the tympan, which is mylar? I’m thinking of going back to a paper tympan also. Any thoughts?

1 thought on “Uni III Draw Sheets and Packing?

  1. Paul Moxon, Moderator - November 30, 2016

    At a minimum, any paper used for packing should be hard and have a uniform caliper (thickness).

    In addition to the properties stated above, a paper draw sheet should have high tensile strength, resistance to oil and solvents, and resistance to moisture and temperature extremes.

    See this comparison from page 19 of the second edition of my book:

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