Universal I stopping when in print, but not in trip

Hi All,

I just pulled an old Universal I out from the corner to see what issues there may be. When in Trip the carriage rolls all the way down the bed fine. When I put it in Print, the Press stops when the cam follower hits the trip wedge. There is a bit of rust on the inside, so it may be the trip gear and all that is stuck. Has anyone had any issues like this before? It may not be stuck and there is another problem.

I just got the book, so I will be flipping through that, but any info would be helpful.

Serial number: 20442


Brian (M&H Type)

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

Joe: The print/trip mechanism on SPs are different from Universals. The eccentrics must be oiled weekly with SAE 20. The eccentrics inside the side plates are linked to the trip arms that contact the trip rollers and the trip/print plungers. A lack of oil, and build-up of grime, can inhibit the movement of the trip arms.

3 years ago

Curious if you solved this issue? I have a SP20 that does the same thing. It works fine when the trip is engaged. But in print mode it stops right at the point the carriage would engage the trip posts.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

I often suspect that the trip rack is warped. But It appears that you have the later-designed rack, which is thicker at the outer wall along the bearing slot. Tighten the socket head cap screws on the rack’s plate

Confirm that the cam follower (roller on bottom of the trip rack) contacts the trip wedge. If not then the trip rack is probably off a tooth where it engages with the eccentric gear.

If the cam follower contacts the trip wedge, but there isn’t enough room for it to roll up the wedge, see if you can raise the triangular guide plate (above the wedge).

If the trip wedge doesn’t consistently contact the rest beneath, the horizontal rod (on the other side of the sheet metal panel) may be bent or needs to be adjusted. Loosen the set screw on the trip arm block and rotate the block on the rod.

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