Vandercook SP15, lowering gear side of rear form roller

The gear side of the rear roller on our SP15 will not lower enough to hit a roller-setting gauge. It does have a range of motion, just will not descend low enough to contact the gauge on the gear side. The roller measures about 1/8″ less than 2 1/2″ in diameter. The tip diameter of the gear is just under 2 5/8″. Would you advise re-casting the rollers in this case? Or is it possible the gear is slightly too large?

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A Revolutionary Press
3 years ago

Our SP15 had the same issue even after installing new rollers. When Dave Seat of Hot Metal Services was here a few years ago to do some preventive maintenance he noticed that there previously had been a nylon shim strip placed under the gear track.
Removing that thin strip lowered the roller enough and has not affected any operation of the press.

3 years ago

I had an SP-15 with the same problem. I replaced the 40-tooth gear with a 38-tooth gear which perfectly matched the 1/8″ undersize of the roller.

I had to do some machining to fit the gear, but it was (my time)+(cost of gear) vs (cost of new rollers) and the former won out.

Hey Nick, are you still at OCADU?

Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

Get new rollers. You’ll be happy you did.

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