Universal I Trip Mode

Hello again,

I think I’ve narrowed my trip problem down to a lever on the back of the press that isn’t fully engaging. When in trip mode, this lever is coming only halfway up to it’s destination. I figured a spring must be broken, but I couldn’t find one on the opposite side of the lever, or even an indication of one. I’ve looked at the parts manual buthaven’t figured it out. I’d greatly appreciate some knowledgeable advice, or some X-ray Specs! Thanks so much.

Paul, thank you so much for the direction. The arm was indeed too long but we couldn’t adjust it with the set screw which had been tightened to it’s limit. We removed the back panel and discovered that by removing the pin in the joint, we could rotate the whole rectangle to take up the slack. I apologize for my poor vocabulary.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
4 years ago

The length of the assembly (block and thread rod) should be the primary factor.
See if it’s possible to shift the safety bar (next to the trip wedge) slightly to the left.
Perhaps cleaning behind the trip wedge and cleaning and oiling the block would also help.

4 years ago

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the reply. I rotated the rod to the extent that is possible both ways with no discernible difference.
Everything looks to be in good shape, no stripped threads or indications of damage anywhere in the trip linkage, springs included. This is a new problem that started after not using the press for a few months. Any other ideas?

Paul Moxon, Moderator
4 years ago

You’re on the right track. Try rotating the rod to adjust the threads at the right end where there’s another connecting block.

4 years ago

Hoping to revive this thread as I am now having the same issue: the press inks the tympan even with the trip engaged. Pics of trip and print modes are attached.
The set screw at the base of the vertical bar that is part of the trip lever is fully tightened and loosening it allows the pin to be removed but the throw cannot be set this way. Please advise, thanks!

Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 years ago

There should be a set screw somewhere on the horizontal arm (to the left outside the frame of the photo).
If that’s not the fix, then turn that upper arm by hand. If the wedge doesn’t move then the pin that passes through the collar and shaft (connected to the wedge) is sheared.

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