Vandercook 15-21 for sale

I work for an Auction Company I am trying to sell this Vandercook Press for a client. I have very little knowledge about the machine other than it is rare and has value. Any help in selling it would be greatly appreciated! I hope this is an appropriate comment as I am NOT trying to spam your blog. Here is the link to the Vandercook 15-21:

This is a printing company located in downtown pittsburgh, the buyer will be responsible for removing the item from the building during the given removal hours. If anybody can tell me anything else about this machine I would appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Vandercook 15-21 for sale

  1. eyedesign - December 2, 2011

    Hello, was curious if this press is still for sale?

  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - September 16, 2011

    This press has the very desirable adjustable bed, which is standard for this model. From your photos it appears to be complete and in average condition: some surface rust and grime. The rubber rollers are not shown, but they will likely need to be recovered.

    Prospective buyers should inquire about the condition of the under rails, on which the carriage bearing roll. Significant wear, indicated by a sharp edge and a rough gritty surface, means that the bearings have ground into the rail. This affects the evenness of impression and the ability to maintain registration. Because the bed and rails are a singe casting this wear cannot be fixed. Therefore it’s the main factor in determining the real value of a proof press. Without a physical inspection a buyer can only take the seller’s word.

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