Vandercook #2

I have a chance to acquire a #2 in great condition, judging from the photos sent me. My shop has an SP-15, but it tends to be a bottleneck for members of our co-op…so we thought of getting another, proofing press, without an inking capability. Mainly for proofing, but hopefully for block printing and simpler projects. Now that I see what it looks like, I have two questions about it. It has no grippers…is there a way printers used it that allowed them to make multiple prints with accurate registration? The other question is about the two small platforms at either end that sit above the cylinder height. they seem too small for paper…what are they for?

eric johnson
iota press

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kyle van horn
12 years ago

The #2 that I have experience with actually lets you slide longer sheets under the press itself at each end of the machine. We used it for proofing and usually left a stack of sheets stocked there in wait. This may or may not allow you to do the same though.

As for registration, a set of ‘pins’ (the kind used in for silkscreen registration) or even inverted thumbtacks can help with paper registration. Just put them on a piece of furniture at one end of the lockup, and use them for alignment via holes punched in the sheet.

I’m sure others have equally useful registration techniques elsewhere on the blog.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

Do a search on this site for registration. Scroll down to heading for No1. Surfaces at each end are ink plates. Please forgive the brief answer, today is a travel day.

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