Vandercook 219 Trip lever assembly

Vandercook 219 New Style infrequently does not stay in trip mode on return to feed board, the operator must very slowly return the cylinder to the feedboard. Examining the ‘Cylinder Carriage’ spec sheet on the owner’s manual suggests that the ‘ (X-2884) Connecting Rod Assembly’ with its 8 ‘(X-3602) set screw(s) with lock washer and nut’ might have something to do with adjusting the tension on the Trip Lever Assembly. And there seems to be a key inside the Connecting Rod Assembly. Does anyone have any experience with this problem and an avenue to fixing it. Let us know. Thanks

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

Any progress on this issue? I put the word out, but I see no one has replied. :/

Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

I have yet to make this repair, but believe you are on the right track. I have added a jpeg from the manual for the benefit of others. I have also alerted some 219 owners of this post. Hopefully, it will yield an exoperienced answer.

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