Vandercook Census

I have compiled a list of existing Vandercook Presses. This census is independent of NA Graphics’ records, but thanks to Fritz Klinke’s coöperation will soon be augmented by them. Because NA’s records may not indicate the current owner or note manufacturing oddities and do not include the stamped names of press inspectors, I encourage individuals with direct information to me contact me. –PM

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
17 years ago

Thanks Terry. I do think this census will help folks with the same models be a resource for each other. I’ve learned a bit in the process, too. For example, Roland Hoover has a non-motorized Uni I like a No. 3, and that there are many more non-motorized SP15s than I imagined.

The contact form method has been working well. The volume has been managaeble and it gives me the opportunity to respond to many of the contributors personally. Besides I fear too much automation will make it harder to fend off the #@$%&*! spammers.

Terrence Chouinard
17 years ago

Great work Paul. I think there’s substantial value in this list. Not only can I find who else has a 325G, but what other educational institutions as well. Keep it up!

I see where I have to send you some updated information for the presses at Wells. You never got to see the presses in storage, and the 325G and one of the V4’s are my own presses but on loan to Wells.

Also, I know of some folks with Vandercooks not on your list. I suppose Fritz’s information would add many, many more names. Mike Kaylor comes to mind quickly. I can ask Mike Bixler about his presses for you as well.

I wonder if there could ever be a simple online form to allow folks to register their own presses. Maybe even something as simple as an html form issuing an email to you. They fill it out, and you transfer the data.

I look forward to the day more of NA’s Vandercook’s information is available online. This is a great service to the community.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
17 years ago

Thanks Duncan. I have heard the complaint that my efforts have contributed to the rise in prices. But better valued then rusting in a barn or desert.

Thanks to Ray Nichols for suggesting that I reorder the location column by country, state/province then city.

Duncan Dempster
17 years ago

re: press census

“…an estimate made by Fritz Klinke that 600 presses survive…”

I am a bit surprised by this count of extant presses– I have never heard any estimate before and guess I didn’t realize the numbers were THAT limited. It really puts all those wistful “I’m looking for a Vandercook SP15…” want ads on briarpress into perspective. I wonder how many of these presses are in good condition and performing well, how many are limping along on their last legs, and how many are one-missed-oiling away from the scrap heap.

I think this is a fantastic set of data to compile and its existence helps to make the Vandercook “diaspora” visible and tangible. Thanks Paul.

Duncan Dempster
Honolulu, Hawaii

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