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Daniel Mellis
5 years ago

Hi Chris,

it is: dpmellis {at} gmail

did you already find some form roller cores?

Also would you be interested in one of these?

Daniel Mellis
5 years ago

I have an extra set of form roller cores. I have a new old-stock drive roller core with original vandercook label, that I would like to keep for when I need to recover the drive roller. But I could take measurements of it, if that would help you when fabricating a new one.

Actually a lot of extra parts for a 3 and/or 4:

Gripper Bar
Oscillating Roller Assembly for a 4
Form Roller Assembly
Handy Lockup Bar (need to extract a broken screw that held on the moving endcap)
2 sets form roller cores
1 set form roller core with gears formerly covered in urethane
Pair of form roller bearing blocks
Head Bar

Paul Moxon, Moderator
5 years ago

I see that you’ve received advice from various corners of the interweb. If none of them pans out let me know. I can fabricate for you.

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