Does anyone have access to a Vandercook proof press #4 operations manual or some such directions on the press’s operation. Also who is a good supplier for photopolymer plates for this press?
Bosco Bob

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  1. Bosco Bob

    Looks like Paul had to fix your cap key for you. Ah, the mark of a dedicated, and yet so unappreciated moderator. :—)

    At any rate, I’ve got a No. 4 manual that I will gladly scan and give over to Paul for whatever future dissemination. Not that I am trying to cheat Fritz out of a few bucks but I do note that this is not available on the Boxcar site. Whatever. Someone let me know. At any rate I will not get around to it within the next week so go to Fritz if you need it right now. Also, and I hate to have to say this, somehow you found the right place but you are still not doing your homework. Paul has an operations instruction manual at his site. It is listed here on the side bar. Fameorshame.

    Good luck


  2. Manuals can be purchased from NA Graphics:
    Box 467
    Silverton CO 81433-0467
    “NA Graphics”:

    Photopolymer plates may be purchased from:
    “Boxcar Press”:

    You may also want to join the “Photo Polymer List”:

    And if you are new to letterpress, I encourage you to visit the very informative website: “Introduction To Letterpress Printing
In The 21st Century” at

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