Vanderpurge circa 1965

v-order-change-1965When folks lament that there are no replacement parts for their ancient press, there’s a reason. Fritz Klinke, owner of NA Graphics and the Vandercook archives, sent me this jpeg showing a Vandercook Engineering Change Order for the 325 series. “This particular change order is about nine pages long, and includes other models. I just grabbed that one and should go back and see what other models were affected. 1965 was not a good year for spare parts for any of the older machines. Vandercook firmly believed in planned obsolescence.”

325AHThe 325AH (auto grippers only, no pedal; hand cranked) was in production from 1929-62. The 325AP (auto grippers only, no pedal; power carriage ) was in production from 1931-59. Less than ten combined 325A are listed in the Vandercook census.

Vandercook-325GPThe 325GH (grippers pedal; hand cranked) was in production from 1936-62. The 325GP (grippers pedal; power carriage ) was in production from 1934-60. There are over twenty combined 325G listed in the Vandercook census.


Another page of this change order is likely to call out the similar 320G, in production from 1929-58. There are two dozen 320G presses listed in the Vandercook census. Out of the 90 models Vandercook built, only about 40 are represented in the census and some by only a single example.

320 and 325 owners can find solace that parts in common with other models, are still available such as form roller bearing bars, nyliners, roller height screws, worm gear/crescent, paper guides and bumper springs.

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