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kyle van horn
15 years ago
Eric Holub
Eric Holub
15 years ago

Interesting. It shows how much features of any model of Vandercook can change. Mine is serial #11831, made around 1947. Is yours earlier or later?

kyle van horn
15 years ago

Later, but not much. 13970 from 1950.

kyle van horn
15 years ago

Eric – if and when we cross paths, I owe you a beer or three.

I solved it. Check this photo. again. Look at the thickness of my casing vs. yours. Mine is only around a 1/2″ thick, yours is closer to 1″

What a weird change in design.

Ok, so, I’m just taking that stop screw out tomorrow, replacing it with a longer screw, and calling it a day. I think we’ve closed the case on this one.

Thanks Paul, Eric, Perry and Dan… you were all in on this one with me.

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