#4 Broken Body?


The body of my #4 is damaged. The corner opposite the operator at the far end of the press bed is not supported. You can see that the bottom of the frame is not level as well. Bringing the carriage to the end of the press causes it to rock back and forth.  I have uploaded a video.

Can anyone advise on the inner structure of the press? I am not able to see well enough inside the press to determine what is broken.


2 thoughts on “#4 Broken Body?

  1. Paul Moxon, Moderator - February 24, 2022

    As Ernst suggests adjusting the leveling bolts should rebalance the press. However, I suspect that the welded seam of the sheet metal where the sides meet the bottom had split where it is bolted to the top of the foot casting.

  2. Ernst Schaefer - February 24, 2022

    the cabinet with the shelfs is bolted to a casted part at the bottom of the press. there are 2 leg level bolts inside. you need to adjust them to the floor or shim them.the picture shows the level bolts.

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