Wash up unit

Hey, I got a general question about the use of the washup unit. I just got an unused orignal nylonblade for the washup unit of my “FAG Control 405”. Until now I didn’t use the washup unit, since the old blade was broken. I print around 500–1500 proofs a week, sometimes with alot of colour […]

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New form rollers for a No. 4

Hello Vanderfolks, I just had the form rollers on my No. 4 recovered. A very nice gentleman from RotaDyne came to my house to pick up the old ones. He took the whole assembly with him, and they shipped everything back disassembled. I’ve looked through the archives for instructions on putting things back together, but […]

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SP 20 handle problem

I am trying to figure out how to tighten the action on the CM-37 handle of the inking system.  This press has always had problems with uneven inking and after eliminating trip mechanism issues and replacing glazed rollers, ink distribution on the form is still occasionally  lighter on the operating side.  I think it has […]

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